WALL•E LEGO Set Is Rumored To Release In December! So DARN Cute!!

It’s all in the eyes – WALL•E

I will warn right away that all of these pictures and news is unofficial from LEGO thus far. Once it is confirmed, PopcultHQ will update all news.

It was announced back in February that LEGO would be putting Angus MacLane’s cute WALL•E Lego Ideas model into production! Not only was Angus MacLane’s a huge LEGO fan, Angus is actually a Pixar animator who worked on the WALL•E film itself! News comes out of SmythsToys website, that it’s unofficial from LEGO so far but gives fans a first look at what the LEGO version of WALL•E might look like when it reaches store shelves. The LEGO version looks perfect with the sad WALL•E eyes that reach deep into your soul as he gives you his precious green plant. The figures perfectly captures the essence of the character and has me excited to see more from a WALL•E LEGO line-up.


Like we warn, there is a very slight chance these images might be fake, hence why we put the RUMOR tag on this article. The images are not being located anywhere else on the internet and they were actually published on a sales website. There are many circumstances that makes me believe these are real, so as content control manager and E.I.C., I had no problem sharing them with our fans as well.

The submitted WALL•E and the new updated LEGO WALL•E

Angus’ WALL•E that he submitted to LEGO ideas.

The SmythsToys website also claims the set will be available starting on December 1, with a price tag of €57.99, or an estimated $65 in US dollars. But the folks at Brickset think it will probably be priced like similarly sized sets at around $40 here. Really, does it matter what the price will be? WALL•E fans will be tossing money at vendors for this out-of-the-world set. Now if LEGO could just make the rest of the cast of WALL•E, I would be in pure geek heaven!!  [SmythsToys via Brickset]

WALL•E is so damn cute!


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