From the Librarian’s Desk: Learn a New Skill This Summer

So how are those New Year’s Resolutions going? It’s still not too late to tackle that resolution and summer is a great opportunity to get it done. Here are some useful websites that are aimed in helping you learn a new skill. Best of all? They’re FREE!


Khan Academy – this site has hundreds of MOOCs (that’s Massive Open Online Course) on all types of subjects like math, sciences, arts and computing.


Internet is Useful – a HUGE list of every educational website and in a simple, easy interface

Code Academy – learn computer coding.

Digital Photography School – photography tutorials and tips

Nerd Fitness – makes getting in shape easy for the “nerd”


MIT Open Courseware – Maybe attending MIT isn’t in the cards for you (or I) but you still take their online courses. A lot of content is free.

Duolingo – THE place to learn a new language

Spreeder – learn to speed read

Project Gutenberg – FREE BOOKS!

Justin Guitar – over 850 guitar lessons

Good luck! And let us know how your resolution are going. Don’t give up just yet!


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