Visit the Hall of Justice and Join the Justice League at Six Flags!

new_jlbfm_logo_charactersSix Flags is known for the elaborate facades they attach to their rides. They aren’t just roller coasters, they are adrenaline fueled adventures through worlds.

The latest Six Flags creation that has gotten attention is in Texas and it looks like this new adventure will truly live up to expectations. The new ride is calledJUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS” and features an icon that is familiar to many of us from our childhood. Along with Texas a select few other locations will also include the same style theme parks. So far St. Louis is the only other officially announce site.

The Hall of Justice

hall of justice1The new ride will be the first motion based, interactive dark ride in North America. You visit the Hall of Justice where you will join the Justice League reserve team. You will then visit the Daily Planet where you will attempt to save the regular Justice League members.

daily planetFor a little over three minutes you will journey through the streets of Metropolis as you fight the Joker, Lex Luthor and a variety of henchmen. You will encounter life-like enemies around every corner, you have to keep your blaster ready at all times and be prepared to defend Metropolis.

justice league battle for metropolis key artAre you ready to join the Justice League?

Battle For Metropolis ride POV video: