Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Sets His Second World Record

dwayn johnsonSelfies are the big thing, everyone want to take photos that include themselves which is why there are selfie sticks and stick anywhere cameras.

The world has gotten so selfie obsessed that there is even a Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in three minutes. And that record is now held by the self-proclaimed selfie King, Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson.

He broke the record at the London premier of  San Andreas using his iPhone 6 and to make sure everything was done by the rules, the Guinness Official Mark McKinley was there. To qualify all the selfies need to include full faces and necks of participants without being blurry. Several photos were disqualified, but he still managed to capture 105 qualified selfies on the red carpet in three minutes. That he took at least one photo every 1.7 seconds, considering there were disqualified photos he was even quicker than that…. That makes for one tired finger.

dwayne johnson 2A YouTube Video posted by Guinness states, “He attempted to win the Guinness World Records title of the most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in three minutes. Dwayne captured a total of 105 selfies in three minutes on the red carpet with excited movie fans, earning him the Guinness World Records title.”

dwayne johnson 1Congratulations Dwayne Johnson for earning your second Guiness Record. His first record was set in 2002 when he earned a listing as the highest salary a top billing actor had received for the first time. That salary was $5.5 Million.