Tie Fighter Wars! The Star Wars fan made cartoon you have to see!!

The Tie Fighter Wars.

This Star Wars fan film made in the style of a 80’s G1 Transformers/Robotech cartoon anime is so damn cool you will be begging for Disney to track down the creators to make more!

Created by a fan named Paul Johnson, TIE Fighter is a seven-minute animated short film that focuses on a massive space battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The short is filled with fabulous space battle dog fighting with over the top anime style quick camera movements and space explosions that make no sense at all! It is truly an X-Wing Rouge Squadrons geek’s wet-dreams come true. But the really cool part of the whole short was that it clearly takes the side of the Imperial Empire! That’s right Evil Empire fans…..it’s your turn to root for the winner!!

The entire project was drawn and animated by its creator during over four years worth of weekends, with assistance from Joseph Leyva on the sound design and the guitar score from Zak Rahman; a true labor of love from everyone involved. Down to even making the official poster which can be seen above. Give a hand to all the people involved with this awesome Star Wars fan made tribute and let’s cross our lightsabers in hopes that we will see some more of this kick-ass animation work!

Star Wars Tie Fighter 7 minute long fan made animated short:

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