Why Constantine’s Cancellation Could Be a Blessing

Constantine on NBC


It came down from the television executives at NBC on Thursday/ Friday that the TV series Constantine is officially canceled. Not many have taken this lightly and I am one of them. That series was fantastic when stacked up against 3rd-party DC network series like Gotham. 3rd-party meaning any network outside of CW who produces and/or airs a DC property on television.

I would rave week after week on my Facebook and blogs about each episode and how good the series is but the cancellation, as bad as it may seem, could be a blessing in disguise. There could be a silver lining to the whole debacle. As one can recall it seemed as if canceling Constantine was a heavy decision for NBC. Instead of not ordering new episodes, they did order scripts. Instead of just canceling the show, they moved time slots and even debated its future by considering a move to their Syfy channel affiliate network.


Why is this a blessing? Constantine, which is based on the DC Vertigo series Hellblazer and the DC Comics of the same name, Constantine is about a more or less bastard of a character. John Constantine is a mage who is a cigarette chain-smoking conman. He once boasted he was the one time tantric sex partner of Zatanna Zatara. The series basically became a mature readers only DC title while titled Hellblazer while the DC New 52 Constantine series is more youth oriented to fit into the mainstream DC Universe.

With the cancellation at NBC, and since NBC doesn’t own the property, another network is free to pick up and invest in the series. This means anyone from Cinemax to Starz or FX. I would list Syfy but they are owned by NBC so that would probably be unlikely. A syndicated series or a series produced by a cable network would have more freedom to really explore John and his world. At first NBC made a point to not have John be a smoker. He started out playing with his zippo lighter, however over time he could be seen smoking a fag or two. (Get your head out of the gutter, fag is a British slang for cigarette, one Constantine uses often in his book.) A cable network could explore the depth of the occult and even take us into some darker recesses of Constantine lore.

Now mind you, I loved Matt Ryan in the series. That man played the hell out of that role and a cable reboot may not necessarily include him which could be the rub on the whole positive side. Although, for a character based on Sting, anyone could really assume his identity for a role. It just takes a good actor. Just remember, canceling Constantine frees it from the bounds of Network TV and opens it up for a while new audience and content. There is still the off-hand chance that Justice League Dark can still be made into a feature film with Constantine in the ranks as with the DC Comics New 52 line has done. One way or another Constantine will be back in the form it was intended to be, so thank goodness NBC finally cancelled the show. Another network will be endlessly grateful to have the show in its lineup.



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