What Netflix Daredevil Did Right….What it Did Wrong…..What it Needs to Do Next!



**Minor Daredevil Netflix Series Spoilers Ahead**


The Daredevil Netflix series from Marvel Studios has been a resounding smash hit for all comic fans and non-comic fans alike. For the original comic fans who have been foaming at the mouth for this Netflix-only series since it was announced, it has been greatly satisfying. After the word of mouth started to catch on to how good the comic book to TV series really was, fans grew with a frenzy and the Netflix binge watching has been non-stop ever since the April 10th streaming debut.

Now that news comes from Netflix is that Daredevil had surpassed any other watched streaming program on Netflix and we all have one question… What did Daredevil, the TV series, do so damn well that no one else has ever done before?!

Here is my opinion piece on what a long-time comic book enthusiast feels about Daredevil the show and what I feel the entire creative teams have done right, what they have done wrong and what I personally feel they should do next.

daredevil suit red 2

What did Marvel’s Daredevil do right?

The thing that the Daredevil show did so great first and foremost was that it took itself seriously. Right from the very opening scene, straight to the blood dripping opening credits which instantly verified to all that this would be a show not to be messed with. Along with the fact that the whole comic book world was giddy to the toes after finding out the show was given an MA rating!  Marvel Studios beat everyone to the fun and brought a fairly popular comic book property into the adult TV realm on the exclusive Netflix streaming service.  This single brilliant move would have been good enough, but to also give full creative rein to Steven DeKnight to let him take Daredevil down the seedy streets and alleys of Hell’s Kitchen into its dangerous underbelly. DeKnight and the show pulled absolutely no punches (literally) when it comes down to the fight and death scenes and it makes people feel like DAMN!! This could be REAL LIFE!! Of course that was not enough for Daredevil as it went deeper and deeper in gore and violence I swear you would only see in a prison riot! But than again…everyone seems to LOVE it as do I!

Daredevil – The Man With Out Fear

Keeping it faithful to Frank Miller’s “Man Without Fear” 

Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil

What was so great about DD the show was how faithful it stayed to the source material that was used to follow as a blueprint for the shows pilot season. A truthful hard-hitting series written by Frank Miller with some visually pleasing artwork from a young John Romita Jr., Daredevil the Netflix series basically used “The Man Without Fear” in its very essence and transformed it into a masterful piece of comic book greatness turned into a live action TV viewing drama that everyone can enjoy. As a kid “The Man Without Fear” set the benchmark for emotional comic book writing for myself and dramatic story telling and mixing it with a touch a brutal understandable vigilante violence. There is no better series for a Daredevil fan to read, enjoy and collect than Frank Miller’s “The Man Without Fear”

Daredevil kingpin Daredevil

 I’m sure we’ll get more Miller Bendis type stories – Elektra – Bullseye – Typhoid Mary:

Daredevil bullseye

I will not gripe that we didn’t get more in season one of Netflix Daredevil. As a pilot season, they gave us what they could without spoiling the honey pot of great DD stories and characters yet to come. I am very sure we will get Bullseye, I am very certain Elektra will make her way to the show. Heck even that ugly ‘witch’ Typhoid Mary will be all over our TV screens in season two. There will be an abundance of Frank Miller, Brian M. Bendis, Kevin Smith, David Mack and many more comic book reference Easter Eggs in the upcoming seasons. No need to speculate what will come….Marvel Studios and Netflix know what they are doing and I will watch just about anything they shove in my face at the moment.

imageDaredevil Daredevil bullseye

What it did wrong?

Minor thing like no yellow costume:

Honestly I am not harping but just making some valid points. As perfect as the Netflix Daredevil show has been….it could have been even more perfect. When I was first hearing rumors of this show in development, there was a far-fetched one I heard that I would never have passed along since I could not verify the source and in the end it never did happen to come out in the TV show. But I heard long ago that the showrunners were looking to introduce the Daredevil original yellow costume he wore in the first few issues of his Marvel comics career. Since Matt Murdock is blind and he could not yet ‘feel’ colors individually (hey it’s comic books, what do you want? lol) that Matt used his father’s boxing leathers and by mistake made the yellow costume before thankfully changing into the all red costume for good. I believe this is explained in Daredevil “Yellow,” a comic book series by Jeph Loab and Tim Sales. It would have been a cool quick Easter egg they could have tossed in but it never did appear.

Daredevil Daredevil

Needs more character bad guys:

The DD Netflix pilot series was seriously lacking in b and c-list bad guys! I know we will get the A-listers like Bullseye and Elektra; I am talking about bringing in some serious comic book names Mysterio, Mr. Fear, The Hand. They do not have to be perfect reincarnations of their comic book counterparts but at least some kind of real world realistic reference could be made without crossing the cheesy factor.

Daredevil Daredevil image

Big mistake! Should have gone under the banner Marvel Knights not Defenders:

Netflix Defenders

My biggest gripe with the whole Marvel Studios and Netflix deal was the rush to name the whole ending series “Marvel’s Defenders.” This is NOT Marvel comics real Defenders; if anything the Marvel Daredevil series should have been named Marvel Knights from the very onset! This will be a huge problem in the future for Marvel and they could really miss an absolutely perfect marketing plan to appease a whole lot of disappointed fans.

Which fans do I  speak of? The Punisher fans of course! I’m sorry if you’re a fan of anything other than the Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie but all others have been an utter failure in my view. Having Punisher, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and Iron Fist join forces for a Marvel Knights Netflix series makes more sense to me than calling it a Defenders series.

daredevil marvel knights imageDaredevil

What it should do Next?

Daredevil art

What I think would make Daredevil absolutely perfect:

Daredevil  artDaredevil artDaredevil art

Daredevil needs to mix it up with all other Marvel Studios properties. Give Charlie Cox (The actor who plays Matt Murdock aka Daredevil) a cameo in a Marvel movies. In the grand epic Marvel style crossover battles that will take place in Captain America 3: Civil War and the Avengers 3: Infinity Gauntlet Wars. There will be plenty of need for background extras…..even if their name is Daredevil or a Power Man. That has been the great equalizer that Marvel has trumped over DC movies. Marvel has no problems sharing its own properties with each other unlike DC seems to have trouble doing. If Marvel Studios allowed its movies to crossover with TV and Netflix exclusive series, they will keep there thumbs firmly pressed on the creativity of staying strictly to the source material and cranking out top-quality fan-friendly entertainment that gets people spreading the word.

Daredevil Daredevil image

 Change Defenders title to Marvel Knights:

NOT the Defenders
NOT the Defenders

Marvel needs to, and I mean NEEDS to, change the title of Defenders to Marvel Knights before they make the biggest mistake of the entire Marvel Studios franchise. With the ability to crossover all their great TV, movie and hopefully Netflix properties, it will be so simple to get most of the popular Marvel Knights characters together. For those unaware of what Marvel Knights is let me sum it up as best I can. MK was a mid 2000’s best sub-line of street level comic books characters that banded together to clean the streets in their own no apologetic ways. With team members like Daredevil, The Punisher, Luke Cage and Dagger along with the heavy hitter of the Marvel cinematic universe Black Widow who is due for more star action. Even at times Moon Knight, The Inhumans to even good ‘ol web-head Spider-Man ran under the Marvel Knights tagline!! Imagine having a real Netflix Marvel Knights series and leaving the Defenders name to the real team of Defenders.

The Defenders:


Are a completely different team in Marvel comics lore. With core members The Hulk, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor the Sub Mariner. Of course this version of classic Defender could not be formed without some heavy legal work but then again…..Spider-Man is joining The Avengers in a Marvel movie. Give me Marvel Knights now I can wait for a good ‘real’ Defenders movie.

That’s it for my opinion piece. I tried not to just ramble on about nothing and give some actual valid points to my arguments. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think this of this opinion piece or just your overall thoughts on the outstanding Daredevil Netflix series.

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