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C2E2 Day 1 Cosplay Pics

The first day of C2E2 was a blast. There were a ton of excellent costumes, great artists and of course the vendors had a lot to offer.

Here is just a brief summary of C2E2 day 1

5 thoughts on “C2E2 Day 1 Cosplay Pics

  1. Hey I was the “Kato” at the con…it’s actually a Crazy 88 cosplay from Kill Bill…the masks are the same if you recall form the movie…anyway you could change my tag to Crazy 88? thanks.

    1. Done, and thank you. I always appreciate it when someone corrects me, keeps me (hopefully) from makeing the same mistake twice. I was trying to figure out why Kato had a cane…now it makes sense.

      1. Thank you for updating the tag….and it was a katana lol (practice bokken) not a cane…I think you caught me off guard when you took this lol…too bad you didn’t get me or my Big Hero 6 group on Sat/Sun!

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