Ikea Furniture Has Built-In Wireless Chargers

charging2Years ago if you were out and forgot your phone charging cable it was a scramble to find the right one. Sometimes you were lucky enough to have a friend with the same phone so you could borrow theirs, but most of the time you ended up buying a new cable.

charging1Then a few years ago someone came up with the brilliant idea of wireless charging pads, that let you charge almost any device, just by placing your phone on it, the problem was that theses were more expensive than just buying a new cord. Since then pricing has come down dramatically and you can get some of the cheap ones for as low as $10.
Now Ikea is getting in on the wireless charging and creating a whole line of furniture that will support Qi wireless charging. Qi is a standard built into phones such as the Galaxy S6, Lumia 920 HTC, and a variety of other phones that lets you rest your phone on a special pad and it will charge. It’s a slower charge than other methods, but it’s a charge.

Ikea is moving with the times and is offering something everyone needs. Ikea now offers built-in pad chargers as a standard in many pieces of furniture, or you can get them separately to put into the furniture piece of your choice. You can get one charging pad installed for $27.99 or three for $64.99, and each unit has an integrated USB charging port.