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Bloodshot Reborn is more than an evil doppelganger story. It is a story with a deeper meaning, it’s about responsibility. The truth is in the blood and in this story quite literally. Lemire gives us a character who is so unsure of himself, it’s an age-old cliché question executed right; do the clothes make the man? Is Ray nothing without his nanites in his blood? These are real tough everyday questions we face everyday about ourselves. If anything this makes this series very easy to relate to. An example, I had suffered a Vertigo attack this past Christmas which lasted almost 3 weeks. Most horrible thing ever and I don’t ever want to experience that again but I am constantly afraid it’ll come back anytime I become lite headed. That is exactly what I thought of when Ray explains his drinking; that he imagines the liquor to be the nanites coming back to him and then he wakes up in a cold sweat because he feels they’ll take him over and turn back into the killing machine he once was.


The shooting by the fake Bloodshot was done in a movie theater very similar to the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. The series even takes place in Colorado, thus being less of a coincidence and more an analogy of real life. Ray feels responsible for this in a way. He feels that he has inspired someone to take up his mantle in a perverted fashion and needs to do something about it. It’s similar to the question posed to Hollywood; were they responsible for the shooting? Ray is out there looking to fix as best he can something he feels he has caused.


Once again, Jeff Lemire takes the real world and real problems and fears and inserts them into our fictional world, allowing us to really feel the dilemma of our characters. He also takes the concept of inner guilt and gives it form in the case of Bloodsquirt and Kay. These two function as a bridge between the writer and the reader. One can sit all day and write internal monologue and exposition but that can be boring, through the hallucinations we are given a more interesting and far more entertaining method of forwarding the story. They prose the questions to Ray which need answering. Bloodsquirt obviously manifests the part of Ray that misses the nanites and his purpose and Kay is the side of him which is home to regret. Although deep down I like to hope there is more to Kay’s appearances as she was the Earth’s Geomancer and we all know what they’re like even after death.


Valiant has been an innovative company ever since Jim Shooter’s days in the early 90s. It was sad to see them fold and we don’t discuss the second incarnation from Acclaim Comics. Ever since the 3rd Valiant relaunch in 2012, these classic characters have been written with more depth and dimension then previously seen. Bloodshot reborn doesn’t slack off in this. If Jeff Lemire could make Animal Man relevant once again during the first two and half years of the DC New 52 relaunch then maintaining Bloodshot’s relevance even when not Bloodshot any more should be a piece of cake and he proves just that.



Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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Cover A by MICO SUAYAN (MAR151575)
Cover B by DAVE JOHNSON (MAR151576)
Cover C by RAUL ALLEN (MAR151577)
25th Anniversary Variant by RAFA SANDOVAL (MAR151578)
Variant Cover by MARGUERITE SAUVAGE (MAR151579)
Variant Cover by RYAN LEE (MAR151580)
$3.99 | 32 pages | T+ | On sale MAY 20 (FOC – 4/27/15)








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