By Tweeting #TerminatorUnlock Fans get the New Terminator:Genisys Trailer!

terminator 5We were promised that he’d be back and on July 1st Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in Terminator: Genisys and HERE IT IS!!

Like several others they have a promotion, simply use the hashtag #TerminatorUnlock and the studio will release promo material for our viewing pleasure and eventually a new trailer.

apparently after the amount of hashtag was sufficient for Paramount Pictures to give us a new look at Arnold in his Terminator finery.terminator 2
Lets keep hashtagging to bring out more content. #TerminatorUnlock

terminator 3Terminator: Genisys is the first in a new Terminator Trilogy, so forget everything you knew. Like the original, John Connor is the leader of the resistance against the machine in 2029. When he learns about a plot to send a terminator back to kill his mother he send back Kyle Reese to protect her and is the end of the terminator story we knew. From there, things go differently.


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