#AHS American Horror Story: Hotel has officially announced the return of a huge star! #WeAreAllFreaks #Hotel


With the news that series original and show anchor Jessica Lange was not going to return to AHS, the show has been doing its best to make sure ‘Hotel’ will be up to par to past seasons. American Horror Story does not want to lose its momentum gained after the smash hit that Freak Show was! So since the season end of ‘Freak Show’  there have been a flurry of announcements released by the AHS show about new and old cast members returning for ‘Hotel’



Today on his Twitter feed the news was officially announced by Ryan Murphy that the great Kathy Bates would indeed return for American Horror Story: ‘Hotel’

Official word


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I couldn’t be more happy and excited that Kathy had decided to come back to AHS! She may not have played that huge over the top role she can demand on-screen on Freak Show. But Kathy is a true screen legend with hits like Misery, Titanic and will be at the top of her game once again with AHS: Hotel



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