HEROES REBORN: Geeky Time Traveller Hiro Nakamura is Back. Yatta!!!


Yatta!! Who could ever forget the happy battle cry of Hiro Nakamura, who was best known as one of the lead characters on Heroes TV show for the four years that it aired. He was a measly hopeless geeky romantic from Japan. That was till the day Hiro discovered his powers to alter time, space and reality. Thus allowed Hiro to not just teleport anywhere on the planet, but he also traveled in time and could even stop time itself. Obviously a hard-core comic book and sci-fi guy, Hiro was happy to have superpowers, till the day he could no longer control them when he spent time in olden Emperor times in Japan. Only to make a comeback to the future once again but this time as samurai Hiro!!

Run Hiro……RUN!!

NBC has announced that star Masi Oka (Hawaii Five-0) will only be reprising Hiro for a “guest-starring arc of episodes.” Oka is only the second original Heroes actor to return to his role from the original series. Jack Coleman is also returning to the 13-episode event series to play Noah Bennett (Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man).

Actor – Masi Oka

The new cast of actors include Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Danika Yarosh, Gatlin Green, Ryan Guzman, Judith Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane and Henry Zebrowski, all of whom NBC has announced. Heroes Reborn has not announced new information on any characters from the original series who would be willing to be re-appear. One can only hold out hope that the main bad guy Zachary Quinto would at least make a cameo return! Heroes first season was a fan pleaser while the following seasons could never emulate its success. Many blame the writer’s strike in Hollywood at the time but I seem to think Heroes never latched on with fans, other than diehard fans like myself at the time. Comic book writer Jeph Loab helped with this series after his days on Smallville. Now he seems like the go-to-guy as Showrunner, writer or consultant for his vast expertise on many other comic book to TV projects. When more casting news becomes available, we will update our fellow Heroes fans! Yatta!!



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