You Can Now Embed Video From Facebook into Your Website


Last week Facebook announced a new feature, and this feature I find quite convenient. You can now embed videos from your timeline without having to direct viewers to someone’s Facebook page. They made it really simple.

1. Find a video you like and click on the arrow in the top corner. You will se a drop box with different options depending whether it is your video or someone elses.

embed video
My Video on My Timeline
embed video1
A Friends Video on My Timeline

2. If the video is posted by someone else, select More options

3. You should now see Embed Video. Select it and you will get a popup window.

embed video34. Highlight the code and put it in your website, like you would for any other video service. and it puts it down as a clickable link. So it is up to you to say


or something like that


Posted by April Widrick on Monday, 28 April 2014

 It’s a shame that it doesn’t put a nice video frame up, but it still works