This is so AWESOME!! Google Maps Converted Into Playable Pac-Man Games

googleGoogle is known for their interesting name doodles, and sometimes those lead to some very cool games, or graphics.


Well this time Google has gone beyond what was expected and done something very cool with Google Maps. They have created Pac-Man. Well okay, they didn’t create him, he was actually developed by Namco in 1980, but that is a different story.

pacman1If you go to Google Maps and look in the lower left of your screen you will see a little Pac-Man game icon. When you hover your mouse over the icon a square appears on your screen with the words READY. Then all you need to do is click and you are in the game, using whatever roads on your map the system decided worked best for it.


It’s a fun time waster, unfortunately our employers probably don’t think it is as cool as we do.

This is actually the second time that Google has used created a playable Pac-Man. On May 21, 2010 they used a playable  Google Doodle of Pac-Man to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game.that kept most of us playing all day and aggravating our bosses.