Use that Old Nintendo Game Boy to Take Pictures! #GeekHack


Take an 8-bit picture with your old-school original Game Boy, well at least after a little bit of modification anyhow.gameboy3

Russian artists Dimitry Morozov is considered a media artist and make interestingly functional pieces of art from various items. One of his most recent projects, the ‘gbg-8’ uses a classic Nintendo Game Boy equipped with an Arduino, optical relays, a camera and a thermal printer to create an 8-bit ‘photo.’

gameboyThe gun shaped camera is pointed at a target and then the camera I supposed to print out a beautiful, but blocky, 8-bit picture of the target in black and white.

I say supposed to because I can’t look at the print out and see anything. I wish he would show us the screen shot and then the corresponding print out to go with it.

gameboy2Anyhow it is a very cool idea, why not check out his video.