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Ryan Reynolds Shows Off Full DEADPOOL Movie Costume!! #Deadpool

Reynolds Twitter post
Reynolds Twitter post

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter today to break the whole friggin Internet with his super sexy full Deadpool movie regalia! Just how super awesome does Deadpool look in this picture folks!! It sure is a far cry from the mess Deadpool was in Wolverine: Origins with no mask and flaming laser beams coming out of his eyes.

Official Deadpool movie costume
Official Deadpool movie costume

Who loves tacos?!

This time the costume is done right for the Fox Studios Deadpool live action movie. For those fans that remember the ‘leaked’ Deadpool test footage that costume was all CGI so this was indeed a full body test.

Test footage CGI Deadpool

Weeks ago Ryan also leaked the early stages of the Deadpool mask as well. So how super excited are the fans for Deadpool The Merc With A Mouth now?!


Deadpool by: Greg Horn
Deadpool by: Greg Horn
Horrible bad Deadpool

Just because it’s so awesome to watch, here is the Deadpool test footage trailer in HD:

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