“Alien Nation” is Coming Back to the Big Screens! Got Milk?!

Alien Nation movie

For those of us old enough to remember the sci-fi breakout sensation movie called “Alien Nation”, we have some either fond memories of the movie or were just plain confused by it. Alien Nation was indeed one of those concepts you could truly call ‘ahead of its time’. Coming from creative minds that brought us the notions of how an Alien Nation explores murder, discrimination and mixes it all into a melting pot of science fiction meets real life problems. At the time many of us who were open-mind enough to give the 1988 Movie a shot were later treated with more Nation goodness with a TV show and comic books during its hype in 1989-90.

Alien Nation did come out in the wave of very early 90’s cult movie madness but was defiantly not lost in the shuffle by true sci-fi enthusiast. With its (pardon the pun) out of this world story telling and innovative look at aliens actually living and simulating with the human race really made the movie and the show very intriguing indeed. Also with the introduction of a ‘buddy-cop’ theme that was a first of its nature, by having a rookie alien detective paired up with an alien hating cop.


TV series

The things people seem to remember the most were the fact the Aliens LOVED to drink spoiled milk. Alien sex was to say different and alien sex with humans…….well, let’s just say that was quite the scene! Of course the big round alien heads with birthmarks were obviously distracting to many. The Aliens could be injured by or even melted with saltwater which was a cool twist. What really stuck out to me was the way the aliens were actually 300,00 slaves to another race of aliens and I don’t think that was every fully explored with the movie or the TV show.

Now with news that  Alien Nation has been picked up and production is in full swing for a reboot movie. Even with the swarm of old-is-new once again reboot phenomenon, I still think with the upgrades in cinematic special effects, Alien Nation can finally catch up to the futuristic tone of the story. I do hope they do this series justice and not fumble the chance to remake a great sci-fi classic like they totally messed up the “Total Recall” reboot. Chances are good since the team that helped in the Marvel Iron Man movies will be involved.

Alien Nation movie
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