The Droids You are Looking for Get Their Own Show

Star Wars fans are getting another show to whet their appetites. Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD has been so popular that they have picked up a new animated Star Wars series in a whole new format… Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales.

This will be a retelling of the six movies from the droids perspective in small screen format, and best of all it will be told with everyone’s favorite building blocks…Legos.

1200px-LEGO_Star_Wars_Blue_LogoYes, everyone is more than familiar with the stories by now, but think of larger picture. How many scenes are without either of the droids? What are the droids doing then? What about the whole part where C3PO gets disassembled, wouldn’t you like to know about what happened there? Or maybe it would be nice to know what R2 is actually saying. The new Star Wars adventure apparently picks up after Return of the Jedi as the droids go on new adventures while the original Star Wars story will be told by the droids in flashbacks starting with the The Phantom Menace and going chronologically to Return of the Jedi.

There isn’t a script yet or even a pilot episode, but Disney XD has already made the jump and ordered five 22-minute episodes to air ‘later this year.’