‘Borderlands’ Characters Take To The Dance Floor on ‘Dance Central Spotlight’

According to Polygon, Borderlands 2 characters, Nisha the Lawbringer and Claptrap, now are playable characters in Dance Central Spotlight.  Dance Central Spotlight, created by Harmonix, has players on their Xbox One dancing in sync with their characters on screen.  The studio has recently unveiled the Borderlands 2 characters in their game at their PAX East 2015 panel.

Nisha and Claptrap both appear in Borderlands 2, but they are also playable in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.  This new addition of dancers to the Kinect-based game can be unlocked by players simply by entering cheat codes ‘XXXXX’ or ‘YYYYY’ while on the character select screen.

However, there is still a challenge when playing as Claptrap (seeing as Claptrap doesn’t have legs).  Harmonix’s Jessa Brezinski notes this,

“You still have to do the legs; he’s just not going to help you with them.”

Last year marked the beginning of the Harmonix and Gearbox collab.  Even a trailer for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, that was debuted in June last year, features the “Moon Dance Break” which was one of the results of the Harmonix and Gearbox collab.

What do you guys think?  Will you hop on Dance Central Spotlight and unlock these Borderlands characters?  Let us know in the comments below!