Walking Dead Yahtzee

walking dead yahtzee

Calling all Walking Dead fans or just fans of the macabre.

Check out this awesome Yahtzee dice cup. It is great to take to the cons for those impromptu game sessions, late night gatherings, or any other time you and a group of zombie loving friends get together.

Not only can you play the regular Yahtzee game, but also the Battle Yahtzee which is perfect for any zombie events.
In Battle Yahtzee, you use the other side of the sheet. Each player starts with 100 health points then you use the bottom half of the score sheet to attack and the top half to heal yourself. Get your opponent down to 0 health and they are out of the game. It also has a nice twist in which you can choose NOT to use attack or heal and you instead roll the chance dice ( you can only do this twice). The chance dice lets you use a Grenade to reduce your health by the sum of the 5 dice, use a First Aid Kit to add the sum of the 5 dice to your health, or use a Walker to reduce their health of all your opponents by the sum off the 5 dice.

This is a cool game

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