Powerpuff Girls returning in 2016

Cartoon Network is attempting to write themselves out of a slump and they might have found the winning formula: sugar, spice, and everything nice along with a touch of Chemical X.

Our three favorite adorable super-heroines are scheduled to make a reappearance in 2016 in an all-new TV series produced by Cartoon Network.

The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, go to school by day and save Townsville and it’s citizens before bedtime, though they have been seen violating curfew and skipping school on several occasions. Bubbles is the cute one, Buttercup is the tough fighter, and Blossom is the fearless leader, each representing one of their key elements (Sugar, Spice and everything Nice.)

powerpuff girls

The original series aired in 1998 and only ran 78 episodes, but during that time it earned two Emmys, a 2003 feature film, a 10th anniversary special, and a special in January 2014 called “The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed.”

This silly little cartoon has earned a tonne of fans and we all eagerly await the return of this cute trio. All heroes need villains so of course our favorites such as Mojo Jojo, the Gangreen Gang and Him, should all be making a reappearance.



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