Do we Get a Sneak Peak at the First Three Episodes of Daredevil?

We are all eagerly waiting for April 10th and the release of Daredevil on Netflix. They have been teasing us for months with trailers, posters, and sneak peak pictures. Now they have done it again and teased us by releasing the names of the first three episodes, leading us to wonder what is behind the titles.


Episode 1: Into the Ring

This is directed by Phil Abraham. As it is the first episode we can assume that it introduces us to the primary characters. Besides main title character, IMDB shows Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Claire Temple, Wilson Fisk, Vanessa Marianna, Leland Owlsley, Wesley, and Ben Ulrich. Judging by the name and the fact that it is the first episode, I would say it will focus around the back story of Matt Murdock and the creation of Daredevil himself.

It looks like they have Skylar Gaertner playing a young Matt Murdock, but I do not see a casting for his father Jack Murdock, so I have a feeling the episode will start near the death of his father. As Skylar is listed as ‘other cast’, his youth is not much of a focal point and is probably summarized in flashbacks. We also see Scott Glenn cast as Stick, Daredevils mentor and trainer.


Episode 2: Cut Man

No director has been given credit, but it was rumored that Phil Abraham had also directed this episode. Once again we see a young Matt Murdock in the ”other’ cast, so we are going to continue with a series of flashbacks to Matt’s youth, perhaps encompassing some of his training as Stick continues to be in the cast. The main credited cast for this episode remains the same so we can’t really take a guess on the plot line.


Episode 3: Rabbit in a Snow Storm

Adam Kane is credited as the director, so we are likely to see a slightly different style from the previous two episodes. Judging by the name, I would guess that the focus on this episode might have to do with how Daredevil perceives things and how he ‘sees’ sound.

Daredevil_65Going through IMDB there aren’t many hints as to what is coming up in the future episodes.

It doesn’t look like we will see a young Matt Murdock reappear until episode 7 and Stick seems to have disappeared after episode 3. We do know that the director of episode 7 is Brad Turner and that the final episode is directed by Steven S. DeKnight.

I guess we just have to wait and see what other tidbits they choose to give us.

Pictures courtesy of IMDB and Marvel


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