Constantine’s Future is Still in the Air

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Constantine has been walking a fine line all season. First it’s being canceled, then it’s not being renewed, then it looks like it’s being renewed but moved. Thanks to fans it did get to play out the rest of its season, but there has been no confirmation on a renewal.

There was speculation that it was moving to SyFy and many fans rejoiced as that meant we would definitely get a season 2 and they might have started making it a little truer to comic form. After all, Constantine should be grittier, darker and there should be a whole lot more smoking. Constantine is a good guy, but he walks a very fine line to achieve his goals.

The bad news is that Constantine has not moved to SyFy. The good news is that Constantine hasn’t actually been canceled. It’s one of those shows that has an axe hanging over it’s head, but it hasn’t dropped yet. There is still hope that it might at least get a limited renewal, or maybe it can be used as a mid-season replacement.

If you are a fan of Constantine and want to see it renewed, then get out there and let NBC know how much you like the show. Head over to the NBC page to watch the series finale.

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